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Electronic Press Kits

Get Booked. Get Featured. Be Heard.

Build Your EPK
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Showcase your strongest assets to the music industry with a customizable EPK.

EPK's are one of the most professional tools to showcase your talents to the music industry. ReverbNation's EPK is highly customizable and helps you target venues, promoters, and press. In just a few clicks you can configure your EPK with your stats and content and send it off.

Present Yourself For Great Opportunities

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Promoters, talent buyers, and booking agents often review dozens, if not hundreds, of new Artists every day. With the Electronic Press Kit (EPK), you can make sure that your first impression is a lasting one.

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Customize and share

Configure your EPK with just a few clicks and your songs, videos, and stories will be tailored to each opportunity or gig submission. Use Gig Finder to locate and connect with venues worldwide or send your RPK to as many email contacts as you’d like.

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I've gotten a great response. I'm impressed with the number of gigs I've already booked with [ReverbNation's Electronic press Kit].

They look great, and I feel good having them represent me out in the world.

— Christopher Bohn

Get Insights

Advanced tracking shows you who opened your EPK, what songs they’ve played, where they’re from and more. You’ll learn what content works and what you can improve.

Sample of Electronic Press Kit on desktop browser.

Electronic Press Kits include:

  • High-quality media photos

  • Unlimited photos and songs

  • Stats on your fan demographics

  • Embedded video links

  • Song play & download options

  • Private songs (not publicly released)

  • Quote clouds of press clippings

  • List of upcoming and past events